Reviews - Boating New Zealand - July 2006

The Encyclopedia of Yacht Design by Lucia del sol Knight and Daniel Bruce MacNaughton, hard cover, 3.5kg, 530pp.

At 3.5kg,this weighty tome has been many years in the writing and, for those who have sturdy bookshelves, it will be a formidable resource. The authors met while working on WoodenBoat magazine and have used their editorial contacts around the world to compile a list of boat designers of all genres.

Kiwi designers are well represented: Denis Ganley, Greg Elliott, Murray Ross, Des Townson, Ron Holland, Alan Warwick, John Spencer and Bruce Farr, thanks largely to the generosity of Boating New Zealand’s Robin Elliott and Harold Kidd in providing the written copy. However, relative newcomers in the last 10 years have missed out.

Designers appear in alphabetical order and mostly account for around 400 words; there are good quality illustrations in black and white for some entries. The layout and indexing are excellent, especially considering the formidable task.

This is by far the most comprehensive book of designers produced.